Our goal at SteelPeople.com is to find you the highest quality talent in the most efficient manner. Achieving the right fit between people and organizations requires personal attention, care, time and energy. That’s why at The Kent Group, every search we conduct is customized to the needs of our client, ensuring an ideal match for your organization.

Our process is designed to produce quality results, quickly. Our search process is a full-service solution that separates us from resume mills and electronic job boards. Here are a few steps in our process:
  1. Client Consultation. Discuss your needs, the ideal candidate’s profile, the job description and your hiring process. Advise you on current market conditions and identify any red flags that would prevent you from making a successful hire.

  2. Research and Screening. A project team is assembled and uses industry contacts, proprietary databases and modern technology tools to identify all possible candidates. Each candidate is contacted and interviewed by our team for skills, interest and preliminary fit. We also reference check all candidates at this stage, with a supervisor, a co-worker and a client.

  3. The Interview Process. We present you with a profile of all candidates who pass the first screening. We help you select candidates for the first interview, then arrange those interviews, preparing both sides before and de-briefing both sides after. From the first round of interviews, we work with you to create a short list of candidates for second interviews.

  4. Final Selection. By this stage of the process, you’ll have narrowed the field down to several highly qualified individuals. Often, deciding on a lead candidate is not easy. We’ll advise you on candidate strengths and weaknesses, as well as our view of how they fit with your organization. We’ll also help you put together an offer that your lead candidate likely won’t refuse.

  5. Offer Negotiation. We discuss with the lead candidate key elements of the offer, looking for red flags, negotiating differences and receiving a verbal commitment that the candidate will accept the offer. Only then do we present a formal offer, helping ensure the successful completion of your search.

  6. Resignation and Follow-Up. In this final stage of the process, we coach the candidate through resignation and the likely counter-offer. We then follow up on all transition details, including relocation, to ensure a flawless transition to your organization. We periodically follow up with both you and your new employee to make sure the new relationship is off to a great start.
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