What makes SteelPeople.com/The Kent Group different from other recruiters is plain and simple – we’re better! Here are five convincing reasons why you should always contact us first to meet your staffing and career needs.
  • We Specialize. More than a generic job board or recruiting firm, we’re staffing professionals who specialize in the steel industry. We offer you a wealth of industry intelligence that you can use to create the ultimate staff or advance your career.

  • We Have Experience. Few staffing firms can match our deep industry experience. Our principal has worked over 20 years in the steel industry, and our steel team has over 50 years of experience collectively. No need to worry about explaining steel terms to us.

  • The Right Fit. You won’t find better listeners in the staffing industry. Our goal is to ask a lot of questions that help us understand you, your organization, its culture, and your hiring process. That, combined with our tight industry focus and experience, enables us to screen candidates very carefully and ultimately to create the best possible fit between top talent and your organization. This ensures maximum productivity and minimum staff turnover.

  • We Respect and Protect Your Privacy. We understand that staffing your operation can be sensitive. When competitors know youíre looking to fill positions, it gives them information they donít need to have, and could send the wrong signals to your staff. Understanding and respecting the sensitive nature of staffing, we conduct our searches professionally and discretely.

    And if you’re talent looking to make your next move, we will not reveal your name or resume to anyone without your permission.

  • Teamwork. When you work with SteelPeople.com, you’re working with an entire team of experts. We assemble a team made up of a project leader, coordinators, researchers and most important, you! Together, the team works to understand your specific needs and wants, identify top industry talent that meets your criteria, and successfully recruit them to your organization (no easy feat in today’s candidate-short environment). Our team members are carefully selected individuals who are experienced and skilled in both steel and staffing. As a result, you quickly receive top quality candidates.

If you’re a professional in the steel industry, rest assured our team members are in the marketplace daily talking with key hiring managers. We have the contacts to help you find your next great opportunity.

We believe these are some pretty compelling reasons to choose The Kent Group as your staffing partner. But you won’t know for sure until we talk. So contact us--pick up the phone or drop us an email. We’re eager to discuss your needs.

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